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December 2014 Update

For Globe, TM & ABS-CBN Sim
WenZphonPremium-3.1 for Laptop/PC

Browser Settings
socks5 proxy port 1080
you can also run http-proxy port 8080

For Smart;

Download GUI WenzVpnPremium-13.66 HERE

Download 11.18.14 OpenVPN Portable + Android Config HERE

Dec 2014 OpenVpn Portable Version HERE

Download Link for WenZphonPremium and WenZphon.apk? it's inside the Forum Section



Premium Account is program as SINGLE LOGINyou cannot use ur account for multiple PC/LAPTOP/TABLET etc,
when you're connected then you want to transfer to another server, just wait 30-45 sec for you to connect

or els
e an AUTH FAILED will be displayed in the vpn log.

1.Los Angeles1
2.Los Angeles2
6.US-North (Torrent Allowed)
7.US-West (Torrent Allowed)
9.US-East Coast
10,Europe (Torrent Allowed)
11.Taylor Swift

Resellers List !

kram - Cebu - 09336234482
bryella - Luzon - 09461486263 / 09064692663
IndayTanini  - Davao - 09093997042 

esson23 - Davao - 09293891398

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